Glass Painting and roof isolation

Liven up the exterior of your home with a fresh lick of window frame paint. 

Window frames are usually made of wood so you’ve got a good base to play with, although the task does require a fair bit of attention to detail. You may have already learnt how to prep walls for painting and how to paint a wall. While window frame painting can be slightly tougher than painting walls and ceilings, it’s definitely possible for a DIY painter to nail the job with a little bit of know-how. 

Start by checking out the window frame painting process that’ll make your windows pop: 

Painting window frames: what you’ll need 

First thing’s first – tools.

  • Protective dust sheet
  • Masking tape (learn how to use painters masking tape here)
  • Primer 
  • Filler 
  • Sandpaper
  • Lick paint 
  • Paintbrush – either an angled brush or a sash brush should do the trick
  • Scraper


How to prep and prime your window

Invest in a bit of time into prep and you’re guaranteed a better finish: 

Start by putting a canvas sheet down in front of your window. This should catch any scraps of paint that fall to the ground and save you precious time in the post-paint cleanup stage. 

Scrape off any old paint using your trusty scraper. It’s not a difficult tool to use; just dig the edge into the paint and push down into the frame to scrape. Careful not to scratch the pane itself. Oh and don’t worry if your surface isn’t free from all traces of paint – as long as you get the majority of it. 

Inspect for any holes or cracks. Fill in any gaps you spot so you have a flat and smooth surface to paint over. 

Sand down the window frame and any gritty patches with sandpaper, using long and sweeping strokes. This helps create a smooth surface to work on and can also help your paint stick better. Warning: don’t skip this step or you’ll end up with a bumpy finish. 

Affix some masking take around the edges of the frame to create a clear divide between your coat of paint and the wall. Cover up any hinges with tape to save them from paint splatters. 

Time to prime what you’ve just scraped and sanded. Using a small angled paintbrush, apply the primer in long, sweeping strokes. An angled brush gives you better access to all the little nooks and crannies and ensures that all areas properly primed. Leave the primer to dry for a few hours. 

(Tip: After the scraping and sanding step, make sure you clean thoroughly to get rid of any debris. Otherwise, you’ll get bits of sawdust and paint particles interfering with your paint.)

Painting window frames: how to do it

Time to get on to the application… 

Start by loading a clean angled brush with paint. Apply in long strokes to achieve a well-blended and even finish.  

Working on casement windows? Start with the frame and finish with the sill. If you’re painting sash windows, start by painting the bottom frame and wait for it to dry. Once dry, move the second frame down and repeat the process. Wait for the first coat to dry before applying a second coat. 

Remove the masking tape gently while the paint is still damp. Take extra care not to damage the freshly painted surface. 


Roof Repairs

Warner Roofing offers basic repairs of leaks, missing shingles, animal damage, and more through our flat-rate repair services. We know how important it is to tend to roof repairs as quickly as possible. That’s why our techs arrive at your property with everything they need to perform the repair onsite at the first visit. Our roof repair service includes photos of the work done, along with a report highlighting the condition of your roof and what to look out for in the future.

Don’t wait until it becomes too costly. Get your roof repaired today!

Roof Inspections

When was the last time your roof was thoroughly inspected? Letting your roof deteriorate can cause huge problems. Water entering your home often causes mold and mildew, which creates an unhealthy environment for you and your family. What you need is a roof inspection.

Warner Roofing’s Roof Inspection service examines every inch of your roof. We take photos and videos of areas of concern and wrap everything up in an easy to read and visual report, which also includes any recommendations to address minor deficiencies before they become major.

We highly recommend having your roof inspected once a year, specifically in advance of the winter season. There’s nothing worse than springing a leak in the cold winter months, so make certain your roof is in top condition all year long. Get the best roofing inspection services from des moines metro roofing companies.

Attic Inspections

Got a room that’s too hot or too cold? Heating and cooling costs rising? Get an attic inspection and address the issue!

Warner Roofing provides detailed attic inspections. It’s important to ensure that your attic is not only breathing properly, but that all hoses and ducts are connected, and there’s no mold or mildew lurking on the plywood, framing or insulation. A properly functioning attic will increase the life of your roof and avoid costly problems.

Our Attic Inspection service examines the state and level of your insulation, the underside of the roof deck, signs of water damage or condensation on the framing, along with the hoses and ducts, their connections, and the venting out through the roof. We’ll also check to ensure your soffits aren’t blocked, which would prevent air from entering your attic. We provide photos and a report for your records, along with any recommendations to correct issues.

Roof Refresher

Sometimes it’s best to combine services for the best value! Our Roof Refresher service is designed to address minor repairs and a full inspection all at once. We provide a complete visual inspection of your roof, complete with photos, come prepared to replace any missing shingles, re-seal any loose or curling shingles, address isolated leaks, replace any damaged or corroded nails around vents with rubber grip screws, re-caulk flashings, and submit a report of our work along with any recommendations for additional repairs.

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